Six Member Self Managed Super Funds

Six Member Self Managed Super Funds – Things to Think About It’s now legally permissible in Australia to establish an SMSF with up to 6 members instead of the prior limit of four.The best group of beneficiaries of this are larger families working together. Certain larger families have been eager to establish the joint SMSF […]

Benefits of Self Managed Super Fund

Are you looking at the advantages of the self-managed super fund?  As a member of a self-managed super fund, it is your responsibility to manage your hard-earned money. After knowing about the benefits of a self-managed super fund, you will get the best performance of your total wealth. These benefits of self-managed super will able[…..]

smsf new financial year

SMSF Tips for the New Financial Year

Are you curious to know the SMSF tips for the new financial year? As we all are familiar with the recent tremendous year. But it is a good idea to look forward to a fantastic 2022. No doubt, the financial circumstances get large effect due to COVID-19 so you need to reconsider your superannuation plan.[…..]

Buying Property through super

Buying Property through Super (SMSF)

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide about buying property through super? If we talk about using your super fund to spend on property in developed areas of Australia. It seems difficult to decide where and when to begin. Our responsibility at Equitus administration is to guide during the whole process until ensuring a smooth[…..]